Kitchen Journeys


Kitchen journeys is about the lessons I’ve learned from cooking experiences or from food folklore, the foods we’ve tried, the recipes to foods that I’ve made to nourish and please the palate and soul, and the experiences I’ve felt while in one of my home’s sacred spaces, my kitchen. They say the heart and soul of the home is the kitchen. It’s the gathering place most get together at least once a day and the place we receive nourishment to keep us going strong.

When I’m in my kitchen, I cook and bake with positive intentions and lots of love so that all with every bite someone takes they are filled with love, comfort, and joy.

  • Autumn in My Mouth (Chobani Greek Yogurt – Pumpkin Harvest Crisp)
  • Autumn Inspired Vegetable Soup – Butternut Squash Soup
  • Autumn Inspired Meaty Soup
  • Rosemary Bread
  • Spiced Cupcakes
  • Apple Butter
  • Vanilla Extract

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