Once Upon A Zombie


Look what arrived in today’s mail for a future book review‬. Yep, couldn’t resist, looks like I’m going to be sharing my thoughts about books‬ again! Apparently I can’t stay away from author’s, publishers, and book publicity people! They know I’m addicted to books!

With this new book series from Billy Phillips and Jenny Nissenson‬ we’ll be visiting the six kingdoms: Wonderland, Camelot‬, Enchanted Forest, Land Of Oz, Neverland‬, and Zenos Forest. Book 1 takes us “down the rabbit hole”.

All the timeless fairytale‬ characters who once lived forever are now the living dead – think Snow White‬, Cinderella‬, Rapunzel‬, and Sleeping Beauty‬. Even worse, they’re famished. Definitely not the ideal situation for a vulnerable young girl prone to panic attacks.

But what’s scarier – a blood thirsty zombie‬, a panic attack…or the truth?

I received a book copy in exchange for a future book review. 

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